Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hot and prime for a fire

We got some rain, enough to fill up all the water barrels, yesterday evening. 15 minutes of downpour and that's it. That amount of rain was more than we have had in over 40 days, the area is still as dry as a box of matches.
The fire outside of Boulder/Ft. Collins is raging, they figure it will be out when winter hits. A new fire on the other side of Pikes Peak a ways, but in an area I love to rock climb and fish. I don't know what started this fire, but I will hazard to say humans. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've seen the behavior of people long enough to know it's only a matter of time before there is a fire here that will force evacuations.
We had 2 fires last year that were really close. One was less that 2 miles away on the other side of 2 water reservoir so we were never in danger. Anything closer to the canyon center would be fast moving and horrific. The saving grace is the 5 star resort that's a mile away, they would do anything to keep the tax revenue flowing in even if it meant every single city employee was out there with bottles of water.
The only natural disaster that worries me is a fire. As long as we get out, everything can burn up but we don't want to start from the ground up.

68 degrees inside, 93 out and no clouds. 97 is the forecast for tomorrow so I'm hoping I can get the house into the 50's tonight. If I get it into the low 60's it rarely gets over 72 inside during the hottest days, and that temperature feels really cool. In the winter the house stays at 64, I would love that temp all year inside.

Had lunch with the in-laws for Fathers day, most of the family was there. I was going to organize the cabinets but decided to come home and take a nap instead. I added a large bin into the food storage for more cereal boxes since the varieties we like were on sale this week. I'm getting an order together for some #10 cans and on payday I have about $100 worth of canned goods I need to purchase. We have a lot of fruit but are lacking black/blue berries and the kind we like haven't been on sale recently. Figured I'll just get them anyhow and cringe a little at the checkout stand.

Or I can just sit around expecting the government to take care of me....


  1. I was thinking that you should just demand that the price is lower for you on the berries. If the store doesn't oblige then ask for government assistance. Just kidding. A nap for father's day sounds great, and the gift of rain, perfect.

    1. I feel guilty when they give me a veterans discount. I suppose if I needed it and went on assistance I wouldn't eat berries, just microwave meals and candy.