Monday, June 18, 2012

Some reflection time

I had half a day of driving for work, but it's some nice country to pass through. I take my time, let all the fast people go around me and slowly make my way through the canyons south of Colorado Springs towards Salida.
This part of the state isn't on fire and the smoke wasn't blowing south so I had the windows down enjoying the heat wave. It hit 103 and stayed about 98 in the canyons following the river. I decided to stop and wade on in and just relax and get some reflection... the sun reflecting off the water trying to vaporize me.
The water is really low, I could get all the way across and not get my shorts wet. I was tempted to jump in but my towel isn't the best and is in the bottom of my get home bag. I did have a desire to go fishing.

The fire that is an hour away is 30% contained and went from 30 acres to 300 overnight. So far it's been reported the fire was started from people shooting at propane tanks and when they went boom and set everything on fire... of course the people ran off. We will see if anything comes of it, or if they determine that's the real cause.

The house was a blazing 75 degree but still felt really cool compared to the 97 outside. It just didn't get cool enough last night even with all the windows open.
Some nesting robins lost a baby tonight, I'm not sure if it couldn't fly yet or what but I think it had a heart attack when the dogs came charging at it. I told the robin parents I was sorry and then watered the grass so they could get some worms. They are still mad an hour later but it's my yard.
Living a ruff life


  1. I love the picture of the dogs. They must be suffering in the heat. I did laugh though when you said the house was blazing at 75. Around here I turn on the air conditioner if the house gets somewhere between 85 and 90, otherwise it costs too much. We just turn on the ceiling fans to get the air blowing on us. Or get a glass of ice tea and sit in the shade watching the world go by...when I don't have to work, that is.

    1. Rock will lay in the sun for hours, Luke will be wherever I am. Rock likes the garden hose, Luke doesn't appreciate getting wet at all. I limited the outside time until it cooled down some, just like my own.