Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gardening is easy?

Someone at work actually told me that this morning. They don't, nor have ever had a garden but they decided to tell me it was easy. Just toss some seeds and enjoy... maybe I just don't have the magic touch.
I suppose it's easy if you compare it to construction, but investing time in anything is work. I spend well over an hour each day, and the garden is mostly in. I'm going to pop a few things in this weekend for late harvest, but the majority of the 'work' is done.

Back to reality.
The corn is all coming up, even the stuff in the rocky soil. That's great news for us, I wasn't sure if it would work in that spot or not even with mixing some great soil in. I counted it, and even after they need to be thinned, I should have 120+ ears. At 4 ears for $1 (the best price locally if you get lucky), I have $30 worth of corn and it didn't cost me but maybe $5 in water, seed, etc.
I spent about 30 minutes carefully moving all the leaves, rocks, twigs, etc. from around each corn stalk. Rock wandered over to see what I was doing but managed to step in between the stalks... good boy. Not hard work, just time consuming and very satisfying.

Mormon neighbors are coming over on Saturday to get the zucchini plants I am going to thin out. It's a gamble if they will survive the transplant, but I'm thinking most of them will do well and provide some good food. I'm hoping the roots aren't tangled, if they are then it's really a gamble.
I will give them a couple of yellow squash, the ones I originally planted need to be thinned, the ones I just planted should be popping up next weekend. The cucumber has another week before thinning (I'm attempting to save the plants or I would just do it now), the radish row was done last night after the sun went behind the hill.

Dinner was turkey breast and tomato.
Not being able to run or even bike right now has my calorie intake really low and not very carb loaded. Big change compared to eating 1/2 pound of noodles and 2 chicken breasts (for lunch!).


  1. here's my advice for the idiot at work - let one zucchini grow all summer until it is the size of a small barn and woody as heck. bring it to work. belt the idiot in the head with it!

    sounds like everything is doing well and congrats on the corn - we are trying some corn this year as well...i am a little nervous as i have never grown it so i only planted 24. i also planted 24 blue hopi corn that my friend Beth sent me. i sure do hope our corn takes off - we love corn!

    how is your toe? is the swelling going down? is it bruised as heck?

    your friend,

    1. Looks like its 2 toes but it's healing nice, had a road trip today so I wore sandals with my shoes in the trunk.
      10 foot zucchini make great targets :)