Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back to normal with mandatory insurance

I didn't watch the news at all last night or this morning, I did my normal stuff and read half of a good book. Sometimes when things are beyond your control the best thing to do is whatever you normally would be doing. The fire moved away, N and NW, the evac line got as close as 3 miles yesterday but it was a precaution based on the wind and thunderheads. 18,500 acres, 5% contained and I'm basically no longer worried about it destroying or displacing us. The air quality was good last night and this morning.
We have the FBI, ATF and Homeland Security here now. Tomorrow the POTUS will be here, I'm positive it's to make sure we have everything we need... even if it's an election year.

I did some grocery shopping, my normal store was stocked like usual minus about half of the bottled water. They had some canned fruit on sale, the kind I buy, so I grabbed a dozen cans. When I checked out I got an additional 10% prior service discount, and this discount is going on all week. I will go back and pick up some more this weekend.

I see Obamacare was just upheld by the supreme court with the penalty being defined as a tax. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

We are back to normal with that breaking headline. I'm interested to actually dive into the decision and see what they were thinking. I understand the gov't runs our life anyhow, but if they are going to make health insurance mandatory, are they going to make it affordable? Are they going to outlaw everything that they deem bad for us instead of just telling us it's bad? Are they going to make it so healthy people don't have the burden of paying high rates to compensate for the non healthy people?

At work our rates go up each year and when I ask why I am told we have too many claims by employee's. How is that my fault. I haven't had a claim in about 4 years and many other healthy people have dropped off the company program so they aren't getting shafted. More people will now get on the program at work so they don't get 'taxed' but this wont make the rates go down, I guarantee it.

What a headline to start the day with. I'm really pissed off over it but of course can't do anything about it so I'm already not pissed off. I'm positive everyone will be forced to be healthy and insurance will be cheap.


  1. I could almost accept it as business as usual if it had been Kennedy that had sided with the 4 Liberals. He sided with the Conservatives and it was Roberts who sold us out and sided with the Liberals. Go figure.

    1. The labels are held on with velcro so they can be changed on a whim, bribe or promise.