Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dear Dad

Happy Fathers Day.

Thank you for teaching me so much that has come in handy so often in my life. Thank you for making me do the hard work when I preferred to do something else. Thank you for letting me make my own decisions even if they probably weren't the smartest all the time.

I picked blueberries this morning like we would do together. I bitched about the strawberries being so small like you did. I had some stuff from the garden that I only know how to grow thanks to your guidance.

I loaned your stapler to someone in need today, it still works after 30 years.. although you would have lectured them on returning it and borrowing tools in the first place.

I would like give you a silly card with some silly poem on it, or a coffee cup with some cheesy saying on it (I still have it in the kitchen along with the pots and bowls you showed me how to cook it).

I love you and miss you, please keep watching over me and I will continue to make you proud. It hasn't been the same but I'm giving it 110%.

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  1. Happy Father's Day, buddy!

    your friend,