Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Figuring out the to-do's

The power outage got me thinking, and that's dangerous for my small brain. Here in Colorado Springs life is normally grand, the economy is doing well thanks to the military bases and a growing community of people moving here on the east side into the track housing.

I spent last night looking around and trying to identify things that had gone under the radar. It's sort of surreal asking yourself what if the power never comes back on or what if there is a sudden economic collapse (as opposed to the slide were on), how ready are we. I made a list, on of my favorite keep on track tools.

I had some water jugs that I used for something at work that had been returned to me empty that I didn't fill as soon as I got them home. 25 gallons of water added back into the water storage.

My double water barrel system from the front roof was disconnected, it's really a monstrosity and I am in the middle of redesigning it and it's just 1 barrel right now. 55 gallons water storage barrel empty, that's on my immediate to do list this weekend.

Need to replace a motor mount on my Discovery, it's a much better bug out vehicle than my Jeep since it holds 10x more gear just on the inside. This isn't critical since it operates fine but it's certainly easier to replace with power and air tools.

The lack of rain means I haven't been using my water barrel system for the garden so my battery for the pump isn't charged. It's charged now, but I could always swap it into one of the vehicles and charge it up or hook it to a solar panel.
The same lack of rain got me thinking about watering the garden without utility services. I just picked up a 700 lb capacity yard wagon with removable/drop sides that I could haul water around in. I have 2 streams less than 1/3 mile and 2 spring fed reservoirs 1 mile away. I decided to get a few water jugs for garden water hauling, I need to find something in an easier shape/handling for this project.

We decided to get more garden seeds.

That's my list, everything else seemed good to go. I have a long term list but that's 1 year long term and I don't want to go broke trying to buy the things on it.
Life goes back to normal tomorrow, 2+ weeks of house sitting and dog sitting really disrupts our normal schedule and makes it hard to get things done and spend time together. It also let me get my pumpkin seeds in without anyone noticing... someone doesn't think 100+ pound pumpkins are necessary unless you have a catapult, but I disagree!


  1. Although we never consider ourselves totally ready when it comes to our preps, you seem to be really a long ways down the road.

    I seriously need to do an inventory and see where I stand here.

    1. It was nice to feel somewhat comfortable when trying to look everything over. I check everything out often, but it was the first time I really said 'what if it's right now'.
      Always working and progressing for something you hope never happens.