Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Power outages are relaxing

Yesterday was hot, it's going to be hot for the next week. Not just hot but humid and that's unlike Colorado Springs for the most part. This weather brings afternoon and evening thunderstorms and usually some wind.

I used what water I have left in the barrels to get the garden, fruit bushes and herbs watered. It looked like it was going to be a downpour but as usual it just spit a little bit. I made sure the flashlights, candles and matches were set out in the correct spots and made a sign for the fridge so we wouldn't open it out of habit.
Power outages mean the alarm system won't work without a battery backup and with an internet based phone it won't call out. This is something I think about so I got a carbine set out and had a seat on the front deck watching the dogs enjoy the cool breeze. No crime victim ever thinks it's would happen to them.
We are house sitting and they have 3 dogs to take care of 4 times a day and stay over at night. The food is almost out and they have none extra and I checked everywhere. In fact I was shocked at how much cupboard space there is and it's almost all empty... perhaps not shocked, just awestruck. They have 3x the square footage and 10x the storage space and it's empty. I keep 120 pounds of food in buckets for everyday use:
750 pounds of dry and 4 cases of canned.
 It's good for 18 months or so, just based on the expiration date and it's easy to rotate out when you buy it each month anyhow. I always try for the 5 pounds 'free' and right now it's only available in regular adult but Rock eats more so that's fine. Luke is on light recipe, he isn't active 24x7 so he can pack it on.

My neighbor popped her head up at the walk in gate yelling for me so I unlocked it (layers of security start with simple things) and we talked for a while. Her kids were trying to generate power by turning the light switch on and off a thousand times, panicked the cell phone and game thingy wouldn't work for much longer and then what would they do? I told her I would charge her cell phone with my inverter but her kids need to find something constructive to do... productive would be better. They aren't mine, I wouldn't let them get away with 95% of the stuff they do.

I had a relaxing evening, didn't even realize the power was back on until it got dark. We keep up with the dishes and laundry in case we don't have power for a longer period of time, no reason to start in the hole. I'm going to take Thursday off and get some more things planted, some late harvest stuff needs to go in this week and I'm busy with work all weekend. The garden is exploding, it's going to be some fun hard work down the road.

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