Monday, June 11, 2012

Sleepy Sunday

It was 88 degrees by 11am on Saturday, quickly heading to 95 so I didn't get a lot done outside. Saturday night I headed to work at 6 and was home on Sunday morning at 10.

This isn't something I normally do, so I'm not conditioned for this kind of thing. It was a lot cooler on Sunday so I didn't want to just go to bed as I probably should have, when I got home. I got my yard work clothes but before I could get my boots on I took a haphazard step and kicked the dog gate in the kitchen doorway and broke my damn toe. You always know when you break one, and there isn't much to be done. This morning was funny as it swelled up so much I couldn't get my shoes on for work, but after some struggling I jammed it in. It's hard to walk but I'm managing.

Sleepy Sunday also found me staring at some of my vegetables and wondering why 3 of the yellow squash aren't popping up when the rest are 3 inches above soil. I decided to poke around and found seeds and only one had a stem on it that didn't look healthy. I replanted those 3 spots and think the original seeds were too deep, probably about 2.5 inches vs. 1 inch. I'm not sure how that happened but being deep makes it hard to get a good water soak on the seeds and when they do start to grow they cant push the weight of the soil to pop up.

We transplanted a rose bush, dropped in 2 blueberry bushes, ran wire for yard lights, hung 2 new blinds, mowed the yard, planted 20 more corn seeds, watered everything with a new longer hose and had dinner. BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and sweat peas

I slept like a kitten last night.


  1. It's been a sleepy Monday here. The cloud cover has been so heavy that you can't really see any shadows or perceive the movement of the Sun across the sky behind the clouds.

    1. Hopefully you are getting some rain out of the deal, we could use some for sure.

  2. yu-hikes - i hate breaking toes...and seeing as i have broken both big ones and one baby toe - ugh - i can't imagine shoving my shoe on!!! do you have a tensor bandage or tight sock? sounds like a short and busy weekend - but dinner sounded fabulous! i am glad that you had a good sleep - have another tonight buddy!

    your friend,

    1. I always wear compression socks so I'm good, just didn't think about the swelling until i tried to get my shoe on. I've been not moving much at work but I'll be good as new in a few days.