Monday, June 25, 2012

All is well with a cautious outlook

 The fire hasn't spread south and with the winds blowing North for the most part I'm not worried. We are still on alert and ready in case some bafoon does something stupid in the closer area. Here is a picture from out east at the airport.
The smoke cloud is making it's own weather front, it's incredible really.

Over 100 degrees and 4% humidity but they managed to get the fire 5% contained, but then the winds started howling up to 35mph. My friends that live 15 minutes away are still at a hotel but I made sure they had food and dog food. All these supplies come in handy once in a while and I made sure everyone I know who had been evacuated had all they needed. The in-laws are doing ok, worried about the fire and the smoke in the air is bothering them more than us. I told them if we are not worried then they shouldn't be either, we will let them know when it's time to worry. This was all a great stress test for preparedness, there weren't any holes in our plan and we would have been packed up and gone in less than 15 minutes with the in-laws.

We had a fun BBQ around the corner, the smoke moved in about 8pm and by 10 no one could stand to be outside so we called it a night. Great time and awesome food. I gave all the leftovers to the mormon neighbors, 4 kids make short work of half a cheesecake and whatever else.

This morning someone here had left a revolver on the front porch, someone drank too much and carried it from the car and doesn't remember leaving it outside. Since we are all locked in, there was nothing to worry about but the teasing has commenced.
The cheesecake was awesome, worth heating the house up on Saturday and the ribs turned out amazing. Baked beans were only OK since I didn't really bake them in the oven like I wanted to, it was just too damn hot to get the house up even 1 degree yesterday.

There isn't an A/C unit or swamp cooler to be found in town. I put our window unit in and had the fan going this afternoon just to keep the house from hitting 80. I have everything opened up right now so it should cool down nicely and I'll get up at 4am to open it all back up before work. It's supposed to cool off to 96 by the weekend, I might just order a large swamp cooler, the few dollars it will raise the utility bill will be worth it when I try and sleep.

My broken toe is healing great, I'm looking forward to running a few miles this weekend to see how it does. I'll do a Saturday morning run before it get's too hot and just have a relaxing job. I have enough time to train for a 25k race in September, the first 5 miles of it gains almost 4,000 feet, something I can duplicate almost exactly right here.


  1. I'm glad your toe is healing and you should be running again soon. It still makes me laugh that you don't want your house to hit 80. Mine is about 80 right now and we are all thinking how nice and cool it feels!

    1. I understand, 80 does feel cool when it's so hot outside. The cooler the better for when I sleep, my half of the bed has a sheet on it... the other half has a pile of blankets.
      It was down to 70 this morning, actually felt almost cold getting out of the shower. It's just funny when we heat the house it's colder. I'm cheap.

  2. yes, please, i'll certainly take a few of those ribs - they look deelish! i am glad to hear that the fires are contained and that you are safe! i am also glad to hear that your toe is healing up - good luck on your run this weekend!

    your friend,

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I can't compete with all your food pictures, but it's grilling season! Next up is ginger chicken skewers with a spicy peanut sauce, this weekend.