Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Physical stuff

Not the turn your head while you get felt up by a doctor...

I like books and magazines. I have a couple of books on my Ipad (on the beach and some thousand+ page survival type book with a road warning sign on the cover... yes my memory is getting old too). I just prefer real physical stuff that I can read. I have all the books from when I was growing up, all in mint condition still, that I love to read over and over. I have magazines on (surprise) running, rock climbing, diving, Jeeping, etc. Whenever I decide to go to a new place for one of my sports I dive into past issues and see what I can find.

That in mind I ordered Backwoods Home Magazine. I'm hoping it's filled with neat stuff and will be nice to have laying around. I also ordered the current and past issue. There are honestly so many magazines and books out there I could get that I usually get overwhelmed when I try and find something. I try and rely on reviews and opinions on other blogs but often find when I actually look at the book at Barnes and Nobles (since borders just imploded) most of the information is recycled and I just take a pass. I'm actually excited that this magazine will be different, hopefully!

I also got invited to a potluck Sunday night. I was asked to bring some dessert, so I am thinking apple pie since I was planning to can some apples but I haven't made a cheesecake in a while. My graham cracker crust is a little different since I add shredded coconut to it. I think it's funny how much people love homemade food and yet refuse to even make an effort to cook anything. I started cooking when I was 8, seemed like a useful thing back then. I admit I will get some "chicken" nuggets and such fast food treats sometimes (like my 4 hamburger and 2 apple pie ritual when I travel out of town for an ultra run) but nothing beats home cooking!

How's that for a Wednesday morning ramble.


  1. I too love physical books, have thousands. I've always said that a man that can't cook is as worthless as tits on a bull.

  2. I just remember asking my Dad what we were having for dinner and he told me whatever I was making. I cooked all but 3 or 4 meals until I enlisted and then I was able to buy him a microwave.

    Transexual bull steaks!?