Monday, August 29, 2011

Round is not a shape to be in

Western view of Pikes Peak from a favorite camping spot.
So I chose this Sunday as my 2nd run of Pikes Peak for the year. I'm not looking forward to it and might push it off a week. Being a holiday weekend I really don't want to have to dodge a bazillion people trying to get a final hike in for the year before the snow comes down.

I'm working hard to hit 1500 miles for the year and I had such a good time running the peak a couple of months ago I want to do it again. This past week was horrible for me running, I let myself get dehydrated and didn't have a choice but to finish my 2 hour run otherwise I would have had to walk the same distance. Running when dehydrated (or hiking, walking) causes you to overheat and your form is terrible. Sure, you can die, but what normally happens is you just feel like crap and stoop over without realizing it and stop using the correct muscles. Hydration is super important and even I can forget to do it, and I'm going to have 1500 miles of trail running done this year and can easily drink a gallon or more of water each day.

Staying in shape for a SHTF scenario is important, since you might have to hike with your bug out bag on or get from the grocery store back to your house without driving. If you can't sling your pack on and have no cardio or endurance to get where you need to be then you are screwed. Practical conditioning for strength, cardio and endurance are very important. I know it's 2011 and we are surrounded by modern conveniences but if you get worn out hauling a propane tank and groceries from your car to your porch, you are in big trouble. Small steps like not always parking close to the door, taking the stairs, walking around the neighborhood, doing some manual labor, etc. If you at least make the effort and stick with it you will see and feel the results. I'm not even talking about ditching McDonalds, just perhaps get the small fry instead of the 5 lb. bag super size.


  1. At my age I'd make twenty feet up the hill and pass out. Have fun.

  2. Thanks, I have 3 friends going with me so we will make a good time of it. It wasn't so many years ago I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs in Colorado with needing CPR. Now I can walk up 2 before I need it.
    Your end of the country has all the good air!