Tuesday, August 30, 2011

paracord vs. goliath

When someone you know has a 2.5 million dollar coach (can't mistake it for a camper) what do they do when the door handle breaks off. You know, the 1 door for entry/exit unless you break a window or remove the windshield.... and you certainly can't get in.

How about some paracord! Behind the pull handle is some thin steel that you can pop a hole in with a punch. Make the hole a little bigger and you now have access to the opening mechanism with a screwdriver and you can open the door. Once the door is open you remove the inside handle plate and loop paracord around the upper portion so it wont slip off and then feed it into the hole you made. Ta-Da!

I mean this thing has it all, marble, slide-outs, generator to run all 3 A/C units and everything else you could turn on, even a TV underneath for when you have the auto-retract awning open. This is supposed to be the best made coach on the planet and it got shut down entirely by a part smaller than a penny and fixed with less than 25 cents worth of paracord.  The coach owner has 2 spools of it now in case he has to open some other doors.

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