Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Denver, The big city

I don't think of Denver as a real big city, not like Chicago or LA.... but it's too big for me. I have to head up there for the night and I am already anxious about it.

I'm staying with a friend in his high rise... amazing view of the city on one side and the other has city and mountain view. When I first see it at night I am always in awe, it does look great. Then I start thinking of earthquakes and fires and how could I get out of the city if something happened. I have a pretty good b.o.b. but it's not going to do much for me until I get out on the edge of everything. It's only 80 or so miles to home and that's no problem over 3 days, and it would only take that long since I would have to skirt along the mountain edges away from the highway and sneak behind the Air Force Academy.

I'm sure I will have a great time, we plan on going for a nice 2 hour run (on pavement, yuck) and we will get a lot of work-type-talk done. But still, it's Denver and for the times I think Colorado Springs is big (I grew up in a town of 100 people and it was an hour bus ride to school), Colorado Springs is a town to me compared to just about anywhere.

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