Saturday, August 27, 2011

My monthly prep check

Today was a check-out day for my supplies. I wanted to make sure I had everything dated, organized, labeled, etc. I also wanted to see what I could put in rotation that I might be missing or that I had forgotten to replenish. I was dreading doing the monthly check, but it's hot out and I already got my run in for the day. I estimate that I have about 15 months worth of food and about 11 months worth of water. This doesn't include anything in my kitchen (everything is stocked full like usual, including 20 gallons of water). Since 80% of my food storage is what I actually eat, everything get rotated often. I also checked all my water to see how it looked and if any was getting close to rotation time.
My buy list has 120 pounds of dog food, 6 #10 cans of various items and it looks like I need more spam, kerosene and wicks and all of my usual pantry shopping items for the month.
320 pounds of dry dog food takes a lot of room.

Not the healthiest selection of cereal but it's still 30 boxes of calories
Buckets, water, milk, etc.
Looks a little empty but it's the newest rack addition
Week buckets with water need for fast evac, dogs too!


  1. Looks like a really good setup there. I never thought of using a sharpie for the expiration dates for cereal. Makes a lot of sense. I like to tape sheets to my 5 gallon buckets to keep a list of what’s in them. I wish I had more room, though, a bigger rack for my stuff.

  2. Thanks. I have another rack I might install this weekend since I have about 20 #10 cans coming this way. I never feel like I have enough stuff so I just keep getting more.
    I also need some more buckets, they are great for not smashing food when driving in the mountains. It's annoying when your bread gets smashed and it's lunchtime.