Monday, August 22, 2011

Do it right

Of all the things that tend to chap my ass, let's talk about fence posts.
Not an electric fence to keep the neighbors cats out, but a real 6 foot or taller wooden fence. A fence is very basic and actually not hard to build, even if it's a little crooked and not perfectly even on the top. The concept that people can't seem to understand is that wood will rot when stuck in a hole, even when you pour concrete around it.

Dig hole, pour concrete in to make a barrier from the dirt, let it set. NOW put the post in and fill the rest of the hole with concrete and be sure to mound the concrete around the top of the hole so when it does rain the water will run off into the dirt and not just sit on the concrete top happily rotting the wood away waiting for you to come back in 7 years to do the shit again. Better idea, spend the $25 and use a metal post, it will last longer than us. I know it's cheaper to use wood but for those of us who don't like to get a new place every 7 or 8 years it's worth it. The metal posts are also better against the wind since the fence will have to pop off the posts (that you have screwed on) in sections and that's not likely to happen. Since we started replacing the wood with metal (as it needs) it's replace and forget and don't worry about the wind. You can also put a metal post right behind the wooden one and screw it in and not actually have to remove the 6x6 wooden post your fence is attached on.

6 posts replaced, 1 at my place and 5 at the in-laws. Replacing posts is more work than building a new fence since you are working with less room, a fence in the way, and have to get the old rotted post out. It was hot and humid, sweat was pouring down but I got the job done until the storm rolled in. There are about 10 more posts to be done at the in-laws but they are not mission critical to keeping the dog in and zombies out. I'm glad they moved back, and I like the house they picked, plus it's nice to have random stuff to do as they are getting ready to move in.

On a side not, hauling 80 pound bags of concrete around is not for the out of shape or stick figure emo types. It's a fucking gun show baby!

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