Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a waste!

The wonderful Colorado governor decided he wanted to know if the state employee's are happy.
 100k people will get the survey and it's costing the taxpayers $200k.

If someone isn't happy with their job they can leave. They might not get another one, but we all have options. The option I don't have is any type of a voice in something so stupid as spending such a large amount of money on something so utterly stupid.

It's going to cost more than that to have ballots in spanish so everyone can read the ballots (and only in 16 counties, not all of them yet). Another unfunded federal mandate we can't afford and we are pissing money out to make sure employed people are happy.
If I got a survey I would get a crayon and write: OMG I IZ HAPPI" on it.


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