Friday, February 17, 2012

How was your vacation?

When someone I give a remote crap about at work comes back after being gone, I like to ask about the time off. People love to talk about themselves (hey, this is a blog you know) and they love to talk about cool things they just got done doing. I asked someone today how their vacation went and the reply I received was, "I haven't slept for 3 day thinking about all of this stuff at work."
I think I'll just stop asking. When I'm on vacation I enjoy myself, even if work has issues and I have to deal with them. It's my choice at that point but I'm damn sure not thinking about work when I'm 140 feet underwater or 250 feet above the deck on a 3 pitch rock climbing route. Some people can't enjoy themselves, that's too damn bad for them.

I'm back on track for running, holy crap the first 3 days really sucked. Not just the getting your body used to the running again, but I never take it easy and decided to do some new routes that were super difficult. One route ended up going nowhere up the side of a mountain and it was so steep I made my own route back down. My legs are covered in scratches and cactus poke holes, but I was happy I didn't kick one of those small Colorado ground cactus, that would have put an end my fun. Being in the scrub actually wishing you had a machete and still managing to run.
Yes, that is my kind of fun on a Wednesday night.

I'm going to do some running this weekend and Sunday will bring some mountain snow driving and shooting. I am going to try out the new Colt and see if I like it better with 5.56 or .223. I'm gong to run some rounds down range with my carry guns, I try to get out and shoot every 60 days to stay comfortable with my conceal carries. Shooting means restocking the ammo stores and that's expensive, I'll hold off for a couple of weeks.
I put away some buckets this week, sometimes you have to make yourself take the time. Flour x 2, sugar, kidney beans, oats x 2, rice x 2, lentils and something else I can't thin of. I did one with brown sugar but it's in smaller bags since it's a little more finicky with opening and closing over the course of 2 years when it's finally opened. It's not a lot of work, but it's time consuming and with all the frantic work stuff the last month, I didn't make the time. It's a nice feeling when you get it done.

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