Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On the mend

Finally got some sleep last night so I don't look so much like a zombie with raccoon eyes.
Does that mean I don't have to prep for myself invading myself...?

I spent about 2 hours in the food storage area today, nothing else to do since I was going to give it one more day before I went into work. I can't stand when people go to work sick, so I certainly wasn't going to be that guy.
I added about $300 worth of canned goods and pasta to the food storage in the last 2 weeks and this was a good time to label and organize it all. I checked all the expiration dates on everything in storage and even added a shelf to one rack to hold all of the baking goods (soda, powder, bread crumbs, evap. milk, etc.). I have some pop tarts and brown sugar expiring soon so those got moved upstairs into eating rotation. I don't worry about the dates so much, but I while I have access and the ability to replace items, I will do so. I have 12 #10 cans coming in this week that will fill up all the remaining rack space, and I have several 5 gallon buckets to finish putting together. I'm running out of room, fast.

My neighbor who has yet to begin prepping but want's to do it asked if I could store everything here, since she rents. Her plan has always been to show up, I've known it even if she never mentioned it, and I've stocked up for that already. Depending on how serious she gets, I'll get rid of some cases of bottles water and free up a shelf to see how she starts out. The water will go into the vehicles for the next mountain adventure trip, so it's not going to waste. I prefer the larger gallon or greater jugs, but when the case was 24 bottles for $1.99 it was the better deal.

I'm also going to run tomorrow, this cold be damned. I feel like such a slug when I don't run for 5 days, I think it will prove to be an adventure.
Thanks for the well wishes, it's just my yearly cold and for the first time in memory it has kept me from work... normally sick days are always on the weekends.

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  1. buddy - don't push yourself. if you don't feel up for the run - wait another day. kudos for helping your neighbour. you make me proud, brother!

    sorry for getting all mushy like that.

    your friend,