Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm alive and watched some tv

Yes, I know that normal is a little skewed, but heck it's nice to feel better. I boozed the cough syrup last night about 10 times and had some horrific PTSD dreams. It had been a while since I had any of those so it was a night of restless sleep followed by a long shower this morning. I don't know why I keep escorting Cheney around Iraq with truckload of cash on pallets but it's always a wicked gunfight.

In my misery sickness I watch both episodes of this seasons doomsday preppers. I learned a few things, was horrified by a few things, and laughed until my cough drop flew across the room. I'm not sure how much of the show is staged, I imagine a lot, and things are out of sequence to me. I was amazed (yes, still it shocks me) that people don't take trying to be in shape more serious. I'm not even talking extreme, I'm talking about being able to run 1/4 mile without flopping over dead.
One of the couples in the show owns a prepping company and that wasn't disclosed. Easy to have 30 years of freeze dried food when you own  company that sells the stuff. That annoyed me, but they had good information in that segment so I went to google some of the info and found out that same couple apparently scammed people out of millions of dollars and helped lead to the downfall of the financial system in 2008/2009. The same thing they are prepping for. Homework counts Nat Geo TV!

Reality TV sure does leave a bad taste in my mouth (well besides the taste of the "cherry" flavored cough drops). I watched some American Idol, just the auditions, it's amazing that people can't be honest and just tell a loved one they can't sing for shit. I don't watch the actual show, just the auditions, it's my little bit of rubbernecking and I don't even look at accidents on the highway if emergency services are on scene. I tried to watch some cooking shows but mostly it was a bunch of angry white people competing instead of actual food programs. TV just sucks in general.

I've not run for a week, I feel like a sloth and my ultra running is a failure. I'm hard on myself but it's the only way to stay motivated, everyone else will let me slack. Next time I'm sick I want the real flu so I can throw up and crap myself so I can at least lose a few pounds. If I'm going to be miserable let's just get the full, real deal. Not pleasing but I might as well have the works if I'm going to be sick.

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