Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Resolution check

This blog isn't really done to educate anyone. It's main goal is to keep myself in check and hold myself accountable for the things I want to do. It's nice to have a few people follow me so I can check out what blogs they do and perhaps share some information. It's nice to look back and see how far along I am on projects (or what progress I haven't made as well).

I'm still doing well on trying to swear less. I'm a great communicator, but swear words can give a whole sentence in 1 word. I bet I swear 80% less than before, so that resolution is going well.

Starbucks: I managed to only spend $1.80 in January, February I'm at about $35.00. I used to spend up to $300 a month there so this is awesome... not exactly the cold turkey, sometimes it's just worth it for the convenience. I wasn't an addict or anything, sometimes I forget how much that sort of thing costs, just like not planning your meals can cost a lot.

Moab and Mexico trips are on schedule, just some shuffling of dates. Added a NAPA valley trip and Orlando trip in April as well. I like to play hard and both of the add trips are somewhat work related. I'm also planning a 2013 trip to Alaska, something I promised myself I would do when my dad passed away. He never made it to Alaska, so the least I can do is complete that driving adventure for him. He would have done it on the motorcycle, I will do it in a convoy of off road vehicles and friends.

Supplies continue to grow, I did add a small solar charger setup but nothing new in the propane department. I have a Lowes gift card for that, I just need to take the time and get it done. I've added about $700 or more in canned goods, long term storage goods and various other items. The new rifle is a good supply add too! Still working on the neighbors and family, baby steps and low expectations are the way.

Running sucks, this crud is finally going away so I can get back on track. I'm not overly concerned, I just mentally feel like dirt when I don't get my time away from reality on the trails. I started to do some basic body weight stuff like situps and pushups, etc. to help build my upper body and core. I will add swimming 5 nights a week next month when it's warm enough that my swim trucks dont freeze to my ass when I leave the gym and walk to the car. I think I will be able to hit 1800 miles this year, although I keep swearing to not make a mileage goal (but not saying the real swears!).

There are times at work I don't feel like I am earning my paycheck. Times when I just don't have much of anything to do. I think those times are in the past, I've worked harder in the last 90 days than I have in the last year. I also added a bunch of stuff at work so I will not have weekends off starting the end of May to about the end of September. 4 months of no full day off does suck, but if work isn't successful I can find myself with a lot of free time (and eating dehydrated food).

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