Thursday, February 2, 2012

It will be a smoth transition

Those words make me cringe, they always have. Especially when it's from a vendor who is changing something or we are switching to. Tuesday morning we changed the operating software here at work, and it's been a long couple of days/nights. It's going much better than I expected, I am a pessimist after all, but there were some serious issues right away. I know it's worth it down the road, it's saving the company 15k or so a month, bu of course training 140 employees on a new program bites. Hard.

My sleep schedule is ruined, so is my running. I've cancelled my training and am just doing maintenance miles, not what I wanted but it's what I have to do. We have a HUGE OMG type of storm coming in.. yawn... but once it melts the ice will be in the way. I decided just to chill for a few weeks while we get everything at work straightened out and the sun stays out a little longer. I pushed my first ultra of the year to June instead of the end of April, I think it will work out much better this way.

Some positive news last night about a company wanting to lease some land that we have in Texas. It comes with a nice signing bonus and the hope of a revenue stream eventually. We recently decided to finally get a better gun safe, something for the guns of course, but also for the documents in the safe deposit box. We will keep copies of the documents at the bank just in case, $50 a year is worth it with land lease document copies, title copies, passports copies, birth cert's, etc. I don't know what kind of safe yet, but I have a size and fire rating in mind, hopefully Costco will have something that will work.

This has taken me 6 hours so I will just publish before I get pulled away again.


  1. jeesh buddy - you need a breath. stop. breathe. and get some sleep. and jog when you can. and get up from your desk at work and stretch. and breathe.

    oh this is mushy as heck but i love that line in the movie "ever after'.....she says "just breathe".

    teehee. i love it. now go and watch it. and take care of yourself, eh?

    your friend,

  2. I got some sleep last night, switched sides of the bed and it worked out good for now.
    I'm getting a cold (or at least my throat is a little scratchy), all these sick people at work.

    Ever after, a cinderella story... chick flick. pass.

  3. it's a really inspirational kind of movie...if you think you can handle it.

    garlic, honey, lemon tea. do i have to repeat myself???!!!

    you really need this if there are a lot of sick people at work. do i have to repeat myself???!!!

    watch the movie. it's mushy and sappy. but you might get something out of it.

    your friend,