Friday, February 3, 2012

Frozen head!

Whenever I don't feel like running, I have a great run. Last night was no exception, 28 degrees and blowing snow. I was getting ready and had my ride all set to drop me off so I wouldn't have to do an out and back... everything was on the table and ready, I was prepped!
Then the text came over that they were there and waiting so I grabbed my stuff and ran outside and jumped in. 15 minutes later I got out of the truck and realized I didn't have my jacket or my hat. So much for being organized and planning ahead. My gps didn't want to sync so I took off so I wouldn't freeze while waiting. The high school cross country team ran past me and one of them called me crazy frozen head. They were all bundled up in sweat pants, hoodies, hats, gloves, ear warmers, etc. I had shorts and a t-shirt and my hair had an inch of ice/snow on it. I knew as long as I kept moving I would stay warm and be fine, so I just chugged along down the trail into the snow, ice and mud. What a great run, I'm sure it was a record but since my GPS didn't sync for about 1/2 mile I really can't be sure.

My neighbor came over and said she is going to give me $200 a month to help her get supplies and food, just in case. I laughed and asked her if she watched contagion and she admitted it did finally put her over the edge to start putting thing aside for emergencies. She wanted to get buckets of this and that, but I smartly suggested she just fill her cupboards with food and then start working on longer term items. I told her if you don't have your kitchen cabinets full of stuff, adding things under the stairs doesn't really help. I then gave her a 30 minute tour of all of my supplies and explained the reasons for some of them. I had some empty gallon water jugs that I gave her and  few other little things to help get started. She asked a lot of good questions so I think she will be fine... as long as she starts. She was really hung up on buckets of rice and beans and asked why I don't have all of my rice and beans in buckets, but then realized there isn't a need to make everything 10 year+ storage, especially if you rotate correctly. 25 lbs of rice is what I use in about 4 months so I don't want all of it sealed up.

Here is a pic from a few weeks ago with Rock trying to escape a vehicle while Luke shows him how to ride in style! Rock is getting better around people, not as many barks and growls once you show up a few times to the house. He still scares the hell out of strangers, so the socialization is working perfect.

The in-laws are not going to Mexico, we all decided to head to Moab in May and do some off roading and sight seeing. This will be a lot easier on them, it's honestly hard to travel for them in airports. We will still go in October and do some diving, but Moab is awesome so I'm not upset at all about adding another trip. We also added a trip to Napa Valley in April.
All part of my prepare, plan and have fun kind of life.

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