Monday, February 13, 2012

Colt Magpul M4 Carbine

I left the house 3 times to buy a rifle this weekend, something I had been putting off for a year or more. 3 trips and I finally picked up a nice piece of hardware for the gun safe. The magpul system M4 system is really nice, and I didn't like the rail system most of the rifles had. The rails seemed edgy and clunky in my hands so I opted for the magpul. I got a super deal on it, almost $200 less than the best price I could find online, the wait paid off. It's also nice to have a weapon that is similar to the military version I used for 9 years. I can still field strip and reassemble it with a blindfold (yes I tried), some skills you don't lose.
I have plenty of weapons but I wanted a rifle that was easier to travel with in the vehicles, besides my shotgun. The fact it can shoot both calibers means I don't have to pick up any more/different ammo. I've been a little worried about the political climate and being able to purchase weapons, I figured it was a perfect time to add one more.

I took the in-laws to Costco yesterday so they could get some food and start the food storage they have been talking about. Everything I asked them if they needed (and I already looked in the cupboards and pantry) they said they had more than enough, just got some the other day, etc. I left super frustrated and split some ketchup and mustard bottle packs with them. They think have 3 cans of X item is a lot since they don't use it too often and don't really eat a lot. They don't see if they have 20 cans of the same item they wont need to buy it for 2 years or more. They have a $800 a month food budget, so they can easily load up on food storage and eat like royalty. Breaking the normal habit is going to be hard.

I get to run tonight finally, after over a week, my sinuses are clear enough and my throat doesn't feel like crap. Time to get back on track with my fitness, can't be an ultra runner laying in bed with a runny nose.


  1. Max, it may take awhile for them to get into full-blown prep mode. It may be a gradual transition for them. Obviously, you just hope they have the time to get there.

    Have you shown them the videos and photos of the grocery stores up north after that last hurricane? Empty shelves and all that?

  2. They have seen video's, read blogs and even read the books. I guess I'm more of a now person and I want them to be the same.
    I think they feel guilty about spending money, even for food, something they have never had to do in the past. But if they are not on a tight budget then they will outlive the money. Dad is 85 and knows about food shortages, but I just want action.