Monday, January 2, 2012

Stay on track

It's resolution time. There isn't a better way to stay on track than to let everyone know what you decided to do/change for the New Year. I always try and pick a few things in my life that I want to improve on, or change completely. Picking things that are absurd or really difficult just means you are setting yourself up for failure, it's hard enough with little changes. Here are my 3;

No Starbucks: I like green tea and banana bread, so I hit up Starbucks a few times a week. It's about $160 a month that I can easily do at home for less than $20. This resolution is really "Don't spend any money at Starbucks", I won't pass up if I have a meeting there and someone else is paying. I'm hoping this will extend the whole year, the money I save will go into my vacation fund.

Moab and Mexico: I haven't been to Moab in a couple of years, and the 4 wheeling there is waiting for me. I have a super busy summer with work, so I'm going to give this a good effort and hopefully get a week off at some point. Mexico I am going to bring the in-laws down when we go diving, have to rent a house, so I am saving more than usual for this trip.

Running: I want to run my first 50k (31 miles) race. This will be about 8.5 hours of running, I'm slow, but I am stubborn enough to cross the finish line. I have been tailoring my training towards this goal but the snow is holding me back a few weeks. Last year I ran over 1500 miles and spent over 400 hours doing it. I am not setting a mileage goal for the year, it's too easy to just run for this goal and not set myself up for a big race. This will also help me drop 10 pounds, or at least convert it into lean muscle.

Supplies: I'm doing a great job with being prepared; my food and water storage can keep me going for a long time, I have ways to cook with propane and solar, I can heat with propane as well. My resolution for this year is to add more propane tanks into storage and get a couple of solar panels so I can charge my marine batteries.

Now it's time to take 4 training modules at work, out of 35, switching over to a new software platform is going to take some energy over the next 30 days. Happy New Year.

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