Monday, January 9, 2012

mmm pancakes!

Once in a while I sleep in on Sunday until about 8:30, cuddling with the dogs until they need to head outside. Pancakes are a great breakfast for any day of the week, but to me they are normally reserved for Sunday. Whole grain with a little butter and some real maple syrup that I have shipped in from back home in NH. Over the years I've gone through all kinds of different types of mix including from scratch and my actual favorite is some mix I have in food storage from Shelf Reliance.
Pancakes are cheap, easy and very filling even if you just eat them plain.

I needed a sleep in day, my Saturday run just about killed me. My run was perfect, my pace was good and when I got to the top of the 1300 foot climb I had 1/2 a mile of ice and snow to cover and turn around to repeat. This 1 mile total section took me over 20 minutes and really hurt my ankles. The rest of my run was crap as I mentally struggled with my now horrible pace and painful strides. Some motrin was taken and a long hot to cold bath and I could limp around the house. The sleep in gave me extra recovery time so my run on Sunday was fantastic. It's good to punish the body and since my legs felt great I gave everything I had into my run and finished the last half mile in about 3.5 minutes. I almost threw up when I stopped, that's leaving it all on the trail.

The in-laws are up to 3 days of meals, set aside with water and a 10 year shelf life. I had to start them somewhere so I figured some mountain house stuff would be the best. I have them covered for long term, I'm trying to get them to get a longer supply of medication. Heart medication and occasional oxygen... in a shtf situation they would be ok based on medical issues, they would just need to relax and not get excited about anything. Having 60 days worth of medical stock would be the best, but I'm working with baby steps. I spent some time with my Mormon neighbors last night talking about all kinds of stuff and I realized I'm going to have a house full of people if the worlds goes to hell. 2 families loaded for WW3, the in laws, my other neighbor friend and her daughter and of course my family. Now I just need a few thousand dollars from everyone.

I haven't spent any money at Starbucks in 9 days. I've only sworn about 25 times (out loud, does inside count?) in 9 days. My running is going strong with my new training plan, I am planning all the meals at home in advance so I know what to cook/eat, and I'm being a better friend to the people I care about. My resolutions are going strong and now I'm hungry for pancakes.

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