Monday, January 23, 2012

What about credit card preps

I spent 4 hours yesterday labeling, sorting, moving, adjusting, organizing and sorting over all of the stuff I hadn't put away into storage in the last week or so. It wasn't 4 hours worth of stuff, but since things I buy have various expiration dates it makes it a pain. I would like the store I shop at to explain to me why an item I picked up 30 days ago has a longer expiration date than the one I got yesterday.
I know they are just lazy and don't FIFO in the warehouse but yet they do it on the shelves.... talk about lazy. I know to reach in the back of the shelf (well the back is relative since they only have a few of each thing, it's not stocked all the way back). The people who drag the inventory out on pallets (and block half the isle) are NOT the same people who stock the shelves. If they were the same people they would FIFO the warehouse goods, instead they unload the trucks and jam the X item pallet in front of the same X item pallet and use the new stuff first.

As usual I had a bunch of people over this weekend, meatloaf was a smashing success and making 3 pans at once was a breeze. We had a discussion about buying preps and using credit cards, one of them had read it was a bad thing to prep when you have debt so they said they wanted to wait. My view on this is why wait, it's a credit card and if SHTF then are you really going to care about debt, especially credit card debt? I buy everything on a credit card since I get cash rewards with it, and if something did happen I wouldn't give a damn about not paying the entire bill off like I do each month. If you pay the credit card bill to zero every 25 days (mine anyhow) then there isn't any interest charge and they pay me to use it.
Seriously, if SHTF would you rather have stuff like food or be debt free? I've read that my viewpoint isn't generally supported but I like to be a little odd. In fact, one could argue that the items you get on a credit card could be repo'd if you don't pay the bill.... true, very rare for anything but a large ticket item, but it could happen. Easy enough, buy with 1 card, transfer the balance to another card and all you have is a balance and not items that can be repo'd. Sure, the credit card company will call, send letters, turn you over to collections who will do the same, they can even try to garnish your wages if they actually take you to court... but SHTF, who cares, good luck trying to get mail or a phone call. Even if they got you in court, if you purchased food they won't take it back. You can always tell them you ate it.

I actually have 2 credit cards with zero balances just in case something happens in my life that is my own little SHTF. Those 2 with my regular credit card would get me by for 6 months or more and keep the house and utilities paid. Everyone has a different emergency plan... well some people don't have a plan at all actually. If I don't need to touch my own money for a while, then I won't, it's SHTF.

Regular life: I got a 2.5 hour run in on Saturday in some awesome weather without any shin pain, I'm super happy. I sort of lost on some new trails but they all filter into the main trail system so no worries. It's funny how when I turned around up on top of the mountain and ran back down I couldn't take the same path as I did on the way up, I need to put some marker tape so I know where to turn. It all looks the same and when you have no energy and are exhausted you tend to not make the right decisions all the time. Practice makes perfect so on Sunday I just ran down with a friend and STILL couldn't hit either of the trails from Saturday. If it was important or SHTF I would bring some marking tape or reflective game tacks, for now I had a blast jumping off rocks and over tree roots, slipping in the mud and ice and just generally acting like all was right in the world.

and wouldn't that be just amazing.

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