Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things you put in storage

I'm a little exhausted this week, the dogs have decided they want to lay on me when I fall asleep. I suppose most people don't mind that but I don't like to be touched when I'm sleeping and an 85 pound dog laying across my legs causes me all sorts of issues. I even changed sides of the bed and it's only helped a little. No matter how I move them, make them lay on the floor, etc... I wake up with a wagging tail and sore legs, but I'm happy to have the boys.

I'm training my butt off for the upcoming spring trail running season. Last year I put in over 1500 miles and well over 400 hours (a lot more if I take driving into consideration), I'm a little OCD. I did my first run of the year on Sunday to help raise money for search and rescue and compared to last year I dropped almost 8 minutes off my time. Myy neighbor wanted to run 4 miles with me an did, 2 times now, not bad for only running off and on for 2 months. It takes us 1:06 to run those 4 miles, last night I ran them on my own at a blistering ice sliding around corners time of 34 minutes. On sore legs..

I picked up a pair of trail shoes at REI, not the kind I can run in (I tried once and sent them back, but they are great for regular shoes), these are very light and don't overheat on a hot day at work. I picked up 2 more pair since they were on sale and put them on a shelf downstairs so I have 3 pair of shoes sitting there. I read a lot about what kinds of things people have in preps, I try to keep things that I will use and would miss down the road. People have all kinds of neat things besides the basics, I have things like shoes, socks, hats... I get a lot of these things at races. I also have a bag full of dog toys, extra dog collars and leashes, shoelaces, etc.
I need to get some things for storage like hand lotion, sunblock, waterproof spray for clothing and shoes. A million things I could have in storage and I have been out of lotion for a week. Never have what you need it seems, but I keep trying.


  1. dude...get used to the dogs. think of it as training. if they like sleeping on your legs and taking up half of the bed they are going to do it for the next 50 years. pick your battles buddy!

    as for everything know what's best for you. do and accomplish what makes you happy. just know that the rest of us are pretty freakin impressed eh?

    your friend,

  2. No need to be impressed, I'm just holding myself accountable to the internet! Just took that first step and BAM!