Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Your voice counts!

Lies and bullshit.

The state of politics, the state of the union, the state of everything is just about useless and disheartening as I can recall. Many blogs cover it better, I won't even try, but watching the President last night do a jig on TV really bothered me

I vote, I care, I act (write, email, call, petition, etc.). I get the same old, since what I think should be happening in any level of government isn't what the majority want. Even at local levels you couldn't get elected even for city council without the backing of developers and real estate people, so there isn't any reason for it to be different in the upper ranks of politics. With enough ass kissing and blowjobs any politician can get anything passed and that's simply not the way it was intended, but that's how politics has been for thousands of years. The back breaking American citizen who works his/her ass off just pays more and more into a system that supports the exact opposite of what they are working for in the first place.

I also prepare, practice, train and learn.
I would like to think the worst case scenario is that the people in my family inherit a lot of stuff sometime down the road. Right about now I'm feeling that could be the best case scenario instead.

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