Monday, January 16, 2012

$4 or less Meatloaf

We had a great little birthday party, reminding someone that 40 is just a number and no one gives a crap. I was very helpful and didn't care if we were late, forgot something, etc. It wasn't my day so I took one day off from being a pest.
The real birthday was yesterday so we all loaded up in the rigs for a little snow wheeling and just a generic get out of town day. The trail had some snow and ice in places but we still had a great day of wheeling. I had mother in-law with me most of the ride since my vehicle is a hard top (well this particular vehicle is anyhow) and each time she got nervous she would gasp or scream, it was like watching someone on a roller coaster for the firs time. She had a great time and it was nice to spend a few hours just talking about stuff, including some things to pick up at the store each time she goes to work on the food stores. I told her to just take charge of it, including organizing the cabinets from oldest to newest, etc. It's better if 1 person does it, imo, then it's organized a certain way that makes the most sense to the person that;s involved in it the most.
I also ordered some FD peaches since they are the entire #10 can in a week. Baby steps.

Our new dog Rock didn't enjoy the off roading as much as we thought he would. He was curled up on the rover floor shaking and scared, I think the bouncing around was too much for his first long trip in a vehicle. Normal trips are 15-20 minutes, not 8 hours, but we took plenty of breaks to help him get his legs back. He did well socializing with strangers, only a few growls and barks spread over the entire day. My boy Luke of course was just hanging out enjoying having the entire backseat to himself and laying his head on the door staying nice and toasty in the sun.
We ended up with 5 vehicles and 12 people and about 50 guns. Someone commented that they always have a bag packed with weapons that's ready to go, but it wasn't like my get home bag, they only had weapons. I told them it's easy with a MOLLIE type back, just strap everything on like I do, the shotgun on one side, extra handgun mags on the other. You can have a nice weapon cache as well as a get home bag but it does get a little bit heavy so choose your gear wisely.

Oh yes. Meatloaf....
5 pieces of bread plucked into small bits, 1.25 pounds ground beef, 1 medium onion chopped up, some spices and a pint of buttermilk. Place in loaf pan, cover in ketchup bake at 350 for 75 minutes. I ate about 60% of the loaf, and some green beans, I love simple meals that taste so good. This recipe is great for a solar oven and if you don't have buttermilk you can make your own from your food stores; 1 cup milk (powdered milk, water) 4 teaspoons vinegar or lemon juice. Let stand 15 minutes and you have buttermilk. Some people like BBQ sauce and such instead of ketchup but I am very traditional with some of my food.
If you buy high fat content burger you might have to drain the fat once you take it out of the over. I prefer sirloin, 90/10 or 93/7 hamburger.

That reminds me I forgot to get the sausage and burger out for spaghetti. Guess that will be a tomorrow night dinner.


  1. one more time - happy birthday Mrs. Max!!! it sure sounds like you guys had an awesome day - especially your mother-in-law. and i am really glad that you are teaching her about food storage.

    i love the meatloaf recipe...i am old school too in that i think it should be made with ketchup. enjoy your spaghetti - now yer making me think i should make some tomorrow. i love meatballs!

    your friend,

  2. Spaghetti failure today, I'm so full from lunch so it will wait until tomorrow.
    Turkey meatballs baked in the oven are awesome. Turkey, seasoning, bread crumbs. BAM!