Friday, January 20, 2012

More stuff

I have a table that I use as a staging area for my preps. It's where I put all the stuff before it gets stored properly with expiration dates written, repackaged, etc.

This table is full. It's sort of funny how a few things here and there really add up after a week or more. When things go on sale and it saves me 30 cents per item, I tend to stock up. I know it makes my grocery bill higher but it's something I can handle and what a great feeling to have all of this food and other stuff. I often think it's ridiculous how much I have and debate just not buying anything else, but so far I haven't reached the point of feeling like I have enough in case something does happen. I've got about 30 cans of food, 12 #10 can of freeze dried food, various other items and things and my favorite spaghetti was on sale to help fill the rest of the table up.

Speaking of stuff, my shin splints felt pretty good the last 2 days of easy running, tomorrow will be a good test on a 3 hour run. If all goes well I'm going to take back the 2 pairs of shoes I got on sale, it's the only thing I can think of that would have caused me to have an issue. It's too bad, I love those damn shoes but it wasn't a 2 way relationship. I'm just happy to be running relatively pain free (something always hurts) and getting back on track for my training. I'm still ahead of schedule by 3 weeks. I feel like I haven't run at all, sticking to a training program that starts out slow sucks. I suppose as long as I'm working on improving my health I can manage the crap associated with it.

Almost time to head home and get dinner together for a dozen people. The house was clean but the melting snow turned into mud that magically got onto paws. I hate house cleaning.

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