Thursday, January 26, 2012

One little headbutt

It's so hard to be a cute dog isn't it?

His head is not only large but hard as a rock, perhaps that's why I chose it for his name. The dentist said I wasn't the first person to get smashed in the face by a dog... and then I saw dollar signs rolling in his eyes like it was a vegas slot machine.

My family has a history of bad teeth and bad jaw bone density (maybe that's not the right word, maybe saying my jawbone is like a sponge is better). I have the best teeth in my family and if I didn't dive into that pool once when I was drunk, I wouldn't have any issues at all. But I did, and then Rock gave me a smack and now I will need another implant, the post that the crown is on came entirely out of my jaw unless the new adhesive will hold.

SHTF I wouldn't be able to get this kind of thing done obviously. Since I had a root canal done there wasn't any pain, just a hole and missing front tooth. Your body will fill in the hole but your teeth will shift and change your bite and all kinds of things but it's not a show stopper. I have a wonderful personality (no, I really do) so who needs a $10k smile when everything has gone in the dumps.Then again SHTF I don't want to have issues with my teeth so I try and be proactive but am a little behind.

I also like to be able to eat corn on the cob and smile without having to pop a chicklet in my mouth first. Today I am getting 2 fillings fixed that broke (news to me, everything feels fine) and then a cleaning on Monday. I know regular check-ups are important but I also don't go to the doctor unless something is broken or I can't fix what's wrong myself. I told the dentist to just let me know what we need to do, and I'll do it, don't lecture me... so far so good. New dentist, my old one retired, and he didn't even charge me for the crown/post work.


  1. dogs and cats have it sooo easy...even the ugly ones are cute! and that little rock is really cute! try and stay away from the headbutts tho!

    2yrs ago i was carrying a bucket of rocks, a shovel, a garden hoe and a few other things. then tripped and fell on a concrete stone. knocked out my 2 front teeth on top and broke my two front teeth on bottom. so now i wear partials and am actually thinking of getting all of the teeth out and getting dentures. i just think dentures would be easier if SHTF. what do you think?

    your friend,

  2. Thanks for that visual of you with no teeth Kymber....

  3. Don't get dentures unless you absolutely have to. Ask anyone who has them to be sure.

  4. don't worry, my friend, i try to always keep the teeth in. jambaloney says i look like bobby orr - bahahahah!

    everyone i ask about getting dentures tells me what you said. dang. i just want to half to worry about teeth during SHTF!

    thanks buddy! your friend,