Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

Yes, it's that time. Some ball drops, most people drink too much and then wake up and it's just like the day before. Well that hangover might not be a daily thing.

I spent an hour talking to the in-laws about how they should go about putting some things away, food and water. They actually initiated the meeting and even had some appetizers and wine for us. Brother in-law wants some information as well, and now I'm wondering if I missed some big event or news story.

Perhaps some people just 'wake up'. It's actually humbling, considering I think I don't know much and sort of stumble around and get lucky. A years worth of food for 2 people can be very inexpensive but variety is what costs a lot of money. Sustain life or sustain and enjoy it a little more. Oatmeal for a year once a day would make me vomit, but it will keep me alive along with other things. The biggest concern I have for them is an adequate supply of medicine, lucky nothing that needs to be stored in a fridge. We were having a good discussion until the budget came up, and suddenly everything got derailed about how the spreadsheet doesn't make sense to me. The expenses they have each month are mind boggling and if they want to save so the money lasts then they have to make changes right away. I'm talking about little things like grocery store shopping once every 2 weeks, not each day. Shopping each day for food can easily add up to $1200 or more a month.

We are overrun at work with business, not complaining, but our employees need to get off their asses and work. Shift workers bother me, it's like giving away free money when you have customers waiting 10 minutes to get helped... and all the employees who are working are already with customers. I'm charming and can distract some people for a few minutes, I just want everyone to work all day like I am so we can all have bigger paychecks.

This is a short post, I have to order lunch for the management staff, we can't leave our desks. Have a safe weekend, make some 2012 goals and most of all have a great time living.


  1. Max buddy - we are having a great time living - thanks for that! as for your in-laws - i am just glad that the conversation has started. don't forget how overwhelming the "prepping" mindset and process is - give them some time to catch up.

    other than that - i really look forward to your friendship in 2012! i think this year is going to be full of surprises, maybe some S hitting the Fan - but most of all - i think it will be a year to grow and develop!

    all the best to you buddy! your friend,

  2. I'm making some goals for 2012, so it WILL be a great year. Everything is what we make it of course and living life is what it's all about.
    Thank you for a fun blog, I enjoy following you and the fun times up north!

  3. Max, happy New Year. Good job on getting the family into the prepping frame of mind. Little steps....

  4. Thank you both.
    It's always the small steps.