Friday, January 27, 2012

Learning to eat, again

Since that ill fated moment so many years ago, when I dove into a pool and smashed my face on the bottom, I've had all kinds of dental work done. I thought the civilian dentist I had for many years did a great job, much better than the Army dentists.
How little I knew.
All the crowns I've had weren't really done correctly once they were in my mouth, they were not adjusted properly to let my jaw rest and close in a natural position. The dentist told me he was surprised I haven't busted all my lower teeth from all the banging going on. They spent an hour grinding and adjusting, and for the first time in around 20 years, when I close my mouth my back teeth actually hit.

I know, duh, they are supposed to do that. Last night was an experience trying to eat, I was actually the last one done with my dinner instead of the first. It's such a weird sensation when everything you knew about your mouth is different. I guess I finally get to chew my food correctly, bonus for my digestive system, but since it's so wired I really don't feel like eating.

I do want some pancakes and I have 460 servings of pancake mix with a shelf life of 10 years. I'll wait until I can enjoy my food a little more.

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  1. Max - thanks for sharing this...i really appreciate what you are going through as i went through it myself! you will learn what you are comfortable eating in public as well as in private (your own home). chew slowly and learn where the teeth and tongue is. try doing something with your teeth in between meals like chewing on carrots or sunflower seeds - i have found this to have really helped get me used to my "new" mouth.

    if you are interested in some more tricks, send me an email. i don't want to clog up your whole comments section buddy!

    your friend,