Sunday, March 31, 2013

New legislation and prepping work.

New legislation at the bottom of this post:
We've spent about 27 total man-hours working on preps outside, and the weekend has flown by. It's not all just preps, but having your yard, garden, bushes, shrubs, etc. all ready for another year sure can take it's toll on your time. I suppose some of the work is spring cleaning for the yard, but since everything we did had a purpose it's prepping.
If the bushes aren't thinned from underneath, the dogs will run through them and get scratched on the dead broken branches. Thinning them out is a prep to us, it's something we can do now while we are able and serves a greater purpose.

First thing this morning we made some bread. We are cutting down on carbs so this banana bread will end up at work tomorrow:
The oven reached 300 degrees today, I forgot to turn the pan so one side ended up prefect, the other side a little softer (but preferred by me).

Yesterday we made 2 loaves of Amish bread, learning another valuable lesson: unless it's mid summer you can't make 2 loaves at once. After 5 hours they turned into something of a science experiment and made it to the trash. The max temp yesterday was 250, and 3 minutes of cloud cover was dropping it down to 200. Practice makes perfect... or edible.

At work I made some changes in departments, expense cuts and seemed to be busy every minute. I'm going in an hour earlier each day to have some peace and quiet while I develop a daily battle plan. I'm doing most of the duties of a general manager and I'm thinking about asking for a pay increase. Business is great, so I might as well ask now instead of wishing I did later on.

I also met with a couple people from our little group (we call it the BBQ group) and talked about future training plans, command structure, phone tree, etc. Everyone will have a duty and if people feel hurt that they aren't in any kind of a command position then those people will be placed in one and see how it goes. I really don't care who does what as long as everyone does something and it's equal work.
The new bill regarding the Secret Service, SB-13-013, passed on a nearly party line vote in the Democrat-controlled House and is now awaiting the governor’s signature. The bill grants members of the Secret Service arrest powers by considering them to be a peace officer, putting them on a par with state law-enforcement officials with respect to arrest authority.

The legislation does not only apply to agents guarding the president or other government officials but also to special agents, uniformed division officers, physical security technicians, physical security specialists and special officers of the United States Secret Service.

I encourage everyone who reads this blog to read that linked bill. It's really short and yet can be worked like this: Physical security specialist goes to a shooting range for practice and notices a lady with high capacity magazines. Realizing this is a nonfederal misdemeanor, the security specialist, now acting as a peace office for the state of Colorado, arrests the lady in order to prevent her from "escaping".
It doesn't say anything about on or off duty, what those definitions are of the various secret service positions, etc. They are trying to make it out that it's just to make it easier to place people in a mental health hold... who the hell really believes that. Not only is it going to be signed, it was sponsored by a democrat AND republican. It doesn't matter who you vote for anymore, the system is beyond broken and continues to be proven so each and every week.

This is an amendment to legislation passed last year that gives almost ALL other federal agencies and agents the exact same powers. Some say it's so they can use Colorado laws to help any investigations they are doing, but that's not what it reads.... don't understand it... oh wait, this little gem at the bottom of the bill makes me feel good suddenly:

Safety clause.
The general assembly hereby finds, determines, and declares that this act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, and safety.

Well thank God for that, they are just here to help! Nothing to see here folks.

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