Tuesday, March 5, 2013

and after much debate on "gun control"

"That bill, sponsored by Senate President John Morse (D-Colorado Springs), would allow makers and sellers of semi-automatic rifles to be sued for acts of violence committed with their guns if they "negligently entrusted" weapons to someone who they "reasonably should have known might use the weapon" to commit a crime.
Other bills approved would require universal background checks, limit ammunition magazines to 15 rounds, require gun buyers to pay for background checks (about a $10 fee), put new gun restrictions on people with restraining orders or domestic violence convictions, ban concealed weapons on college campuses and ban online training for concealed handgun permits."

Everything will pass and will be signed into law. It's not as bad as Oregon HB3200 (google it), but it's still stupid. Oh... they passed in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants (or is it guest citizens now?) too.

The states largest inventory gun store is going to close and move out of state. Magpul is going to do the same. Several other companies as well.

Should hit the governors desk by the end of the month. There isn't stopping this train. Even the 20+ sherrif's who showed up in opposition didn't make a dent... nor the hundreds of people who were outside listening to the loudspeaker since there were no empty seats. Made room for the Giffords though...

I love Colorado, I love Colorado Springs. I don't love the stupidity on passing useless legislation that makes me a criminal, doesn't make rational sense and doesn't stop anyone from doing anything.



  1. But don't you feel good knowing that a stroke of a pen is going to fix everything? Everyone will hold hands and praise Allah.

    Yup, Wyoming is starting to look better and better.

    The Denver News this morning was making some backhanded comments about the gun nuts protesting outside of the capitol.

    On a Denver rant, I swear their morning weather map has all the town within 50 miles of an interstate and everything else is labelled "Narnia" and "Modor".

    Hopefully someone will sue the state over the bills. Probably not, though.

    1. Nice to see you pop in, I hope all is well in the South West and you are weathering the cold winds with dignity.

      If they get sued it will take forever to get figured out and I don't see the judges in this state issuing a reprieve while it goes to trial.

      We also have Federal stuff that could be passed during the time it goes through the appeals system, and that could make it worse or suddenly ok.

      Once again, here is to the hope that things will stay stable enough that we can keep moving forward... and another selfish reminder that we are glad we don't have kids.

  2. Which gun store is moving?

  3. Specialty Sports. Jeff said if the legislation passes he will close and move away.