Monday, March 4, 2013

Here is a cool post

that turned into an early lunch. Enjoy 2 pictures instead:
 Luke and I about a mile from  home. His confidence level is really high, I just make sure to scuff my feet some when he looks like he is veering off the trail/road. The phrase step up or down is starting to sink in and we are having a lot of fun. I'm hoping in another month he will be tearing it up like the old days, for long hikes. His speed is also picking up, fast walking for the win.

What to wear while doing house work... The vacuum cord got tangled up a couple of times but everything is adjusted properly finally. It's funny how much fine adjusting is needed each time I wear gear. Being comfortable is important, being accustomed to whatever your gear is.... well that's really critical.

Saturday I did a 90 minute leg workout. Sunday I was very sore but went for the dog walk and then an hour trail run. The trail was super wet and in the tree portion is was 4-5 inches of slush. After 2 miles I knew it would be a battle of willpower and endurance. I  hit a steep downhill and applied the brakes and my quads started screaming and didn't stop. After a while I gave up caring about being wet and muddy and just enjoyed it while forcing my body to overcome the stress and discomfort. Each time I passed by a shortcut home I considered it a win and celebrated a little when I got to the very end of the planned route. It felt awesome to run the trails, splash in the slush and push past the mental wall.


  1. Last weekend I wore my weapon in a drop holster, which is not how I normally wear it. By the end of the day I wasn't feeling it but for most of the day it was really uncomfortable. Thanks for the reminder to get used to wearing your gear.

    1. No use in having all this cool stuff if you never use it. For me it's always about fine adjustments, the more I work out the more everything gets adjusted.
      I have to be careful not to size myself out of my body armor, impossible to replace for even double the cost.