Sunday, March 17, 2013

Down or down-range

I've never been to this new range, so we headed over early to be the church shooting crowd. It's controlled, something that's hard to find in the woods, and they gave us a safety briefing. Your weapon must be pointed down or down range at all times, no rapid fire... Those were the 2 big ones.
I'm rolling the targets with some quick draw extended arm and some hip shots. That was frowned upon, they told me I can't guarantee the weapon will be pointed down or down range. Where the hell else will it be pointed?
The good: my xdm is awesome, the best out of the box pistol I've ever had the pleasure of shooting.
I like the angled fore grip better than the vertical one the 5.56 AR, I pull the weapon into me instead of down, allowing for better control. The mechanics of it make sense too.

The bad: I took off my red/green dot on the 5.56 AR, it's open sights or an eotech if I decide to get one again. The less expensive one kept loosening up.
My scope on the .308 AR is max adjustments and its still off a few inches at 100 yards, obviously more at greater distances. I'll just open sight it as well.

The great: I'm fast and accurate still and we spent 2 hours reacquainting ourselves with our standard load weapons.

The front gutter is cleaned out, the rain barrel system is hooked up in the front of the house. Water restrictions this year, having 220 gallons in reserve will save money each month if it rains for even just a few minutes for refills. I ran the sprinklers today, the ground is thawed out about 8 inches down and the grass was thirsty. The trees and bushes are budding, hoping our blueberry bushes will have made it another year.

36 tomato plants are in the little green house. I'm also trying to grow some lavender and chamomile indoors but I'm not getting my hopes. Chamomile tends to like sandy ground.

Banana bread and wheat bread are made for the week. Sliced baked potatoes and some brown sugar honey chicken are almost out of the oven. Time for the walking dead, justified and southland and some sleep.


  1. Around here chamomile is a weed and we have clay soil. The grandkids go out and pick it so they can make tea before I kill the plants that are in the driveway.

    If the new range is complaining about hip shots and quick draw extended arm I'd wonder if they are going to report to the authorities that some crazy survivalist is there. It sends up a red flag warning, I don't think I'd return.

  2. I'm not sure we will use the new range again, I don't like to be confined to shooting 1 way.
    Chamomile is a weed across town but nothing around here. it's my favorite tea.