Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's raining 9mm in here

I've had a bunch of heavy boxes show up, it's very exciting. I did another ammo count and found my 9mm count was way off. I wasn't pleased, it was much cheaper last time I ordered. I also wanted to replace what I plan on shooting this coming Sunday.
If you are fast enough you can find it for around .30 cents per round, but if you are slow and/or working like me, you get it for the mid .40 cents. Better to pay a little more instead of wishing you did at some future time. A majority of our pistols are 9mm so I'm always heavy in that.

I'm shooting with a few people from the group and a couple of normal shooting friends. If we can get a pistol/rifle range that will work out the best. I want to see if my rifle to pistol transition is going to work out for accuracy. It's fine to practice it at home and think you would be accurate but it's always better to know. I'm going to work on some off hand shooting, that should be somewhat of a disaster for the first few shots.

The weather has turned to spring and with the time change it's staying light for some running action. The gym is still getting to see a lot of us and the gains are slowly arriving like a lost holiday card. I went up 20 in bench, 40 in curls, 20 in leg extensions, etc. Calf raises are maxed on the machine, 300 plus my body weight puts me over 500 pounds. I've always had strong legs, changing up some of the workouts has really helped nail down a couple weak spots elsewhere.

No pictures today, between work and working on my health I'm spent. I have some friendship bread starter in the kitchen and tonight we need to make some honey wheat bread. Depending on how long rock climbing lasts, we might get the garden layout finalized.

Spring is an exciting time, it's always a fresh new start, more so than New Years.

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