Friday, March 22, 2013

A few minutes to spare

Here is an obligatory picture of something made from food storage:

I suppose there isn't much we make that isn't made from food storage, or using some aspect of it. We baked up 4 loaves of Amish bread and continued the starter. We are trying not to eat so many baked goods but it's important to work on skills... my office mates eat well.
Tomorrow it's supposed to be cold and crappy, so I'm going to break out the solar oven and see how well it works on some sliced baked potatoes in the winter weather. I need to spend several hours in the food storage shelves, I've been neglecting it for a couple of weeks.

I just ordered one of these:
Eberlestock Gunslinger 2. I've been hunting for a new get home bag and all around backpack and I finally pulled the trigger. I have a coupon for a local retailer who can get them, but hasn't had any arrive. This leads me to this picture:
Luke and I have been walking more, and there he is waiting for one, but mainly after dark. I don't want to have people freak out and call the cops when I'm walking around with my leg drop and tactical gear on. I don't feel like having to answer questions about why I'm doing something that's perfectly legal, so after dark suits me just fine.
I also want to train with my body armor and new backpack, so that will be done at night as well. I probably won't have a rifle in the pack, but I'll have the same amount of weight added. If I don't train with the gear, I won't be used to how it feels, rides, the weight, etc. Getting Luke out for a walk never hurts, he gets better each time and he's cute too boot!

All my garden plants are popping up, the yard has been hit with a lot of sprinkler water and the water collection system is waiting for some snow/rain this weekend. I don't have much time to spare for anything non prepping, spring is a really busy time at home. Yesterday we got all of the scrap wood stacked in a new spot and skunk proofed the shed bottoms. There are a few spots in the fence line that need attention for the same thing, soon.


  1. You would freak me out more at night than in the daytime if I were going to be freaked out at all.

    1. Not many people out after dark on the trails, so hopefully no all points bulletins on me.

  2. The food looks awesome! Post that recipe..please.

    1. I'll toss it up in a day or so.