Thursday, March 14, 2013

Magazine ban waiting signature

Here is the exact wording:

The bill prohibits the sale, transfer, or posession of an ammunition feeding device that is capable of accepting, or than can be readily converted to accept, more than 15 rounds of ammunition or more than 5 shotgun shells (large-capacity magazine). A person may posess a large-capacity magazine if he or she owns the large-capacity magazine on the effective date of the bill and maintains continuous possession of the large-capacity magazine.

.22 tube magazines are exempt.
The governor said he will sign it once it's on his desk.

This means if you have a glock and want another magazine... tough shit. You can put an extender on a 15 round magazine, so now you wont be able to buy or transfer it. Class 2 misdemeanor is the penalty. I read the entire legislation body over and over and the burden of proof is obviously on the person with the magazine.
If the magazine is produced in Colorado, it must be serial number stamped.

Yup, if your magazine can be converted to a higher capacity you can NEVER sell or transfer it.

I'll rant another time.


  1. Every day, we inch closer to a totalitarian state. This isn't good at all.

    1. At least they are holding off on the background checks, they want family members to transfer without a check. Same for loaning out a firearm for a short period of time (Appleseed project).

      It's raining bullets from clips (but only 15 round non expandable).

  2. Seriously thinking of relocating to Wyoming. This is shameful and embarrassing.

    1. It's not Kalifornia yet, but the large influx of people from the west sure have made a difference. I'll keep riding the storm out until we hit it big.