Saturday, March 9, 2013

Left wing or right wing

it's still wings of a predator.

We spent a few hours last night in a cozy little building listening to Don Edwards, a cowboy balladeer (link is here). I've always been a fan of this type of music, from bar-d chuck wagon entertainment to the old westerns. We were invited by some friends to a place we didn't know existed for a small venue concert. There were maybe 100 people there and after a rough week of little sleep and big decisions at work it was nice to just get away for a few hours.

They had a lot of antiques in the place and a lot of old quilts. In the old west the armoire's would have a lot of quilts stacked up inside, it got cold at night. My grandmother made nice quilts, it was really melancholy thinking that I was born many years too late to experience what I think was an amazing time in life. We make do with the time we are given, I sat back and enjoyed the great show. If you like this kind of music, check the link out.

Today I picked up some new boots (lightweight combat boots for the warming weather) and headed to the gun store. Specialty had 60 people in line but my timing was good and the line rushed in as I got out of the car. Inventory is down 70%, anything remotely tactical in the long/shotgun was either very expensive or didn't exist. The pistol cabinets were 70% empty. They did have a good supply of AR magazines, but not pmags.
I saw he owner and told him I hope the legislation doesn't pass, I would miss seeing him around. Doing business with the same company for 16+ years means something to me, I wanted to let him know I appreciated everything.
Sportsmans was no better, the line was at the gun counter instead and was 50 or 60 deep. They had some .308 in American Eagle, Winchester and Tulamo. I got 3 boxes of Winchester, found 2 boxes of 50 count .38 special hollow points and headed home. They had some 10mm, .50 cal and some other odd calibers. Limit 3 of the same SKU # per customer, otherwise it would be barren. People looked more panicked than before, I hope they made calls/emails and/or sent letters. Then they can at least say they tried (and then regret voting for the democrats who are pushing all the legislation... it was a landslide around here in the voting.

My last post mentioned grab and go buckets/bag. Since we live in the trees at the base of the forest, it's our #1 concern for a natural disaster. We made up some buckets that we can toss in a vehicle and get out of dodge. Not a bug out scenario, more of a sudden evacuation and 100% vehicle based.

One of us gets the buckets and water, one grab the family photo's and the dogs. Once those are in the vehicle we will grab the battle load out gear and weapons. We will  have handguns at a minimum, it's not like they come off the body unless we are sleeping. Once we get into the vehicles we head out, swinging by the in-laws since they are on the way out anyhow, and then on to the rally point.

3 Home Depot buckets. 1 contains cans of dog food, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc. The other two buckets contain enough food for 7 days, including a can opener (little things make all the difference). There are other things in there like gas masks, paper and pens, flashlights, water purification tablets, etc.

We wanted a weeks worth of basics for us and the dogs, stuff we didn't have to worry about going to a store to purchase in case we had to live out of the vehicle. Each bucket has a ziplock on the lid with an inventory list that included expiration dates. The tape holding the inventory list tells how much water to get for each bucket. On top of the first bucket is a bucket wrench, they are stacked on each other to save space. After much thought we opted for buckets for the versatility in a vehicle evacuation scenario.


  1. Our local stores are starting to have more ammo on the shelves, but there's still a 3-box limit per customer per visit on the popular calibers.

    1. I figured it might have let up by now, but with the legislation in Denver, I'm not surprised at all.
      If I can get a few boxes at regular price, every couple of weeks, I won't be digging into my current stuff for target practice.

  2. Max,

    Thanks for the description of your buckets. I especially like the ziplocks with a list of what is inside. Our family discussion has already started.

    1. Glad to help. I forgot to mention leashes if you have dogs, or at least a length of rope for them/other things.