Friday, September 28, 2012

Snow, working out and the big mouse battle

It snowed about 9,000 feet already, and while it looks amazing it reminds me I have a few things to finish up at the house. I'm not complaining, I love all weather and the rain at lower elevations (6500 at my house) is very welcome. The ground is soft, perfect for dropping in a metal fence post on Sunday, and perfect for pulling up what's left of the yellow squash, beans and cucumbers.

The new workout is going well, I'm sore in my core... and it's what needed to happen. I worked out so hard that I was wondering how they would clean up my vomit on the gym floor, but I was able to hold it together. That's a good workout for me, just like when I ran hard, leave it all on the trail/gym floor, don't hold back.
I reworked my diet and I feel amazing today. Sore but amazing. In fact my butt hurts so much I have to take my wallet out when I sit in a chair. I hired a trainer for a few sessions so I can work on form for squats and a few other exercises, and she isn't letting me slack at all. I figured an investment in myself is a good investment, so I paid up. I'm a big fan of everyone being in shape as part of being prepared and I hold myself to the highest expectations in all things. Looking forward to a month from now to report on the difference a strong core is making.

The mice flanked me the last few days resulting in no casualties from my side, but I got 2 of their sappers. The manged to get a chocolate chip out of the peanut butter without setting a trap off. I have Einstein smart mice, but this is a war of attrition and I have a lot of chocolate chips to set as advanced troops on the front line.

Bring it on!
Have a great weekend everyone. It's fall, get something done to prepare yourself for winter and the mad rush at the stores the end of the world predictions are going to bring in quarter 4.


  1. Don't you just love fall? I'm trying to get back in shape myself. At fifty six years of age. It's tough to stay motivated. I managed to walk six miles last week. And this week. It's a start. I'm going to get a punching bag, and some weights. When I was lot's younger, I loved working out. I need to chuck some weight also. But that will come with more work outs, and some changes in diet.
    Along with peanut butter and chips, try some small marsh mellows.

    1. I don't keep marsh mellows in the house, something about just a few aren't bad for me.

      Great job on getting some walking done. The older we get, the harder it seems to get started. Once the motivation sets, humans are amazing. Keep up the good work, you are already well on your way to being above average!

  2. Last mouse season we caught 47 mice in the house! The house is neat and food is put into mouseproof containers for the most part but they thought they'd try to catch any weakness we had in the food storage system. I used the sticky trays from Tractor Supply. I bought them when they were 2 for .99. They come with a few specs of bird seed but we'd bait them with top ramen. The mice go crazy over top ramen!

    It's supposed to be over 100 this weekend. I'm waiting for fall to arrive...

    1. 47 mice! Wow!

      I haven't gotten any more battle casualties, but I did stock up on more traps. Right now I throw them out when they snap a neck, but in harder times I'll reuse without a thought.

      I do hate to kill any animals, but there are lines that have to be drawn. Bears, mice, mountain lions, etc. Nature gone wild lately in my area and yours!