Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No pictures but a little profanity laced rant

I'll get to the pictures tomorrow I hope, for now I have to get this off my chest. 

Dear guy who drove by me last night,
You might think it was funny to drive by and yell out, 'why are you running so slow, is it 'cause you are fat?'.
I'm going to give you another angle.

It took every fucking ounce of willpower for me not to get into my car (you didn't know I was a block from home, did you) and go up the road to find you. I knew right where you would be and worst case I would have caught up to you really fast had you just kept driving.
You are such an idiot you didn't think about that, did you?
You didn't think about me smashing the fuck out of your car with mine and pushing you over the 300 foot cliff you would have been driving next to.
I bet you also never thought about what would happen if you were out of your car in the parking lot, how I would have snatched your fucking life out of your body before you could even react or realize who I was.

Nope, you just thought it was funny to insult someone who wasn't up to whatever standards you place on people. It's not enough to endure the endless 'run forest, run' comments, 'nice bootie shorts' comments, the swerving assholes who 'pretend' to try to run you over, or even the people who don't pay attention on the trails or roads.
Nope, you decided to hurl some insult out thinking how fun it would be to tell your buddies.

FYI: 2 hours of running can make anyone a little slow. In fact I'm just always slow, and after 2 hours I was glad to be still doing a 10 minute mile. I won't pretend you can't run or are fat, it's hard to figure anything out when I only saw your face. I'm a few weeks shy of 40 years old, in better shape than 96% of the country (fact based on medical results) and can run for 7+ hours and am on pace to hit 240 miles in a 30 day time frame.

What can you do buddy?

Just know that your little insult almost got your killed. Not like you will ever read this, but the decision to not kill you was very hard. Sometimes people have enough and will 'snap'. I stay off the roads to avoid pricks like you but I have to connect with the house eventually. You almost had your last giggling, insult hurling moment. Think someone won't kill you for something like that, you had better wake the fuck up and read the news. I almost did it, I really almost did, I was standing at my gate with my gun in one hand and car keys in the other.

You have no idea how lucky you are. You really don't, and most likely never will. So fucking close to just giving it all up, throwing it all away... just to prove a point.

'who's real name would have been in the paper and all over the internet today'

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  1. that guy was an absolute idiot! that is all.

    your friend,