Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Amish friendship bread

Someone handed me some starter, I thought 'how sweet, a chain email letter'.

Yup, I'm cranky and bitter sometimes (more often when I run too much).

I did make the effort and I did make the bread. I didn't read the instructions carefully, so I ended up creating a different sort of bread. It's funny, when the bread starter is 10 days old, you add X ingredients and THEN make the bread, saving some starter for your friends.
I didn't add any ingredients and just made the bread. I couldn't figure out why I didn't have enough bread starter to pass on to friends so today I read the directions again and realized I had a big fail.

The good news is the bread came out AMAZING. I even traded some for free coffee drinks at a little business. I figured if I was going to eat there, I would share. The lady said it was the best friendship bread she had ever tasted and she had a lot of knowledge on the subject.

Here is the link if anyone wants to know how to make it, or get a starter going. I have 2 batches started in the kitchen, enough for 12 loaves total unless I follow the directions and then I'll have 16. Not one to change proven techniques, I'll make it my own way (omit day 10 step 2).

Be sure to have something to drink, it's thick and heavy if you do it my way. Perhaps something from 7-11?
I know, right.
I'm on track to hit 240 miles before my birthday but I need a few days of 10 miles, so we shall see how I hold up. Wake up, work, run, sleep.
I feel like a hound dog.

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