Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Being on time, it's important!

In life it's always the little things that bother people and I'm no different.

I think it's respectful to be on time for everything, and if you can't be on time make an effort to let everyone know you will be late. Someone at home is always late, and I mean always. Obviously I can deal with it, 17 years is right around the bend and you get used to things. It doesn't mean I like it, but relationships are like that, you put up with certain things.
if that's what it takes, then get one!

What I can't STAND is to be at work at 5am in order to let someone in for whatever needs to get done. It's all planned, I get up at the crack of... well it's not even light out at 6:10 yet... and show up. In my email, sent late last night is a message saying you won't be able to make it until Thursday. I don't call that an effort, I don't check work email at 8pm. Fact is, I don't check email when I'm not at work, I selfish with my time that way. It's very quiet without 135 other people running around the business.
I'm 10 minutes early for everything and often earlier than that. It's fine, I'll wait if I'm early, I think everyone should be on time. It's not meet at my house at 8am for a run and you show up at 8:35 wondering where I am. Where do you think I am, I'm running without you. If it's not important enough then don't make an appointment or set time and see how that works.

Yes, it's 6:30 in the morning and I'm all done with my work day. Sounds like I can go to Costco in a few hours and pick up some stuff I didn't get last week. They had everything I was buying on sale and a few bonus things. I forgot my rebate check so I didn't get everything, the $110 rebate check goes a long way in food storage. More flour, sugar, coffee and peaches for the in-laws, peanut butter and whatever else I see is needed that adds up to $110.

I cut all the corn stalks down last night and hung them up to dry for a fall display at the mormon neighbors house. The garden looks odd with a hole in the middle of it but it's going to get worse. I'm going to cut the squash and zucchini plants out this weekend, it's that time and they are starting to look horrible. I want to get that garden bed covered so when the leaves start to fall little seeds don't fall in the nice soil and cause me headaches next year. I'm going to staple a screen over the box so it gets moisture but nothing else (unless a certain pitbull leaps in again).

Running is bleh this week, last night was horrible but I did the mileage and time. Time to pick up the motrin and suck it up. 21 days left in my goal time table, 180 miles left to do. It's going to be one of the hardest goals to hit, there isn't much slack and that's a lot of mileage each day to slug out. I just remind myself if I slack or take time off it just gets added back in to make the rest of the runs more brutal. Oh the life.

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