Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Is August over already?

I got my running on track, finished with about 134 miles and I shed a few needed pounds in the process. This week is a zero mile week since we are heading out of town in the morning for our annual trip to the Ouray and Durango area. I'm tempted to bring my running gear, it's so hard not to run especially when you are in such a beautiful area. The downside is not having a real shower and we can't run together since we don't leave the dogs unattended.

My next running goal starts on the 10th of September to the 9th of October, 220 miles.

For those who don't know, that's a lot of running, just a bit over 7 miles a day average. If you skip 1 day you have to add mileage each day to make up for it. I'm determined to hit this goal, I'll be 40 next month and it's not getting any easier. With some huge goal over the next 12 months it's really shit or get off the pot time. It's a lot of work, I'm not a small guy and of course I'm still having the calorie intake argument with myself daily. Can't do X without Y calories, but when I look in the mirror I see myself at 265 pounds again.

220 miles is the same thing as running from Colorado Springs to Denver 3 times, but I'm not running on such easy territory. The effort it takes to run 1000 feet in elevation is the same as running an additional mile... so if you figure it out, I'll run somewhere around 400 miles in effort, the first 5 miles of my normal route is over 2000 feet elevation gain.

Random picture of me and my new best friend toy shopping at target. I just can't make his same face, but I did try.

I got a ton of mileage out of that photo in the last few days, not all of it good, but I don't take myself too seriously most of the time. This is also the first photo in 6 months that I don't think I look horrible in, the working out is paying off.

I realize the zucchini is huge but I needed a few oversize specimens for a lady at work, for whatever she is cooking. I've gotten a good harvest and as always with a garden, you learn new things each year. I'll have to do a separate post on that subject, it's always more than a few things. I have pumpkins and watermelon maturing, the corn will be picked next week and I think I can get 2 more bean harvests if I'm lucky. The cucumbers have slowed down along with the squash and zucchini, but I'm hopeful for a little bit more.

In the above picture there is a bag... that's friendship bread batter someone gave me. Sort of like a sourdough starter, so I obliged and made some after the required directions were followed for 10 days. The directions said to bake for 60 minutes but I chose 50 and the bread was still pretty dark and a little dry. Obviously I'm eating it, you only learn from your mistakes if you live with them.
The second round came out amazing at 45 minutes... I'm already short one loaf. The in-laws are enjoying one loaf and I'll freeze the second or maybe take it camping this week. The loaf pans were greased and then coated with 1/2 cup sugar and 1 tsp saigon (dark and rich) cinnamon (just coat the sides and bottom, dump the excess into the second pan and then into the trash). If you have people in your life who don't really like "quick bread", try this and it's sure to vanish. I have enough batter for 2 more loaves, I'll knock those out tonight when I get home in between packing.

Time to finish up work, read some blogs and get loaded up for the road. If I have enough downtime and a signal I'll post some pictures from the road.


  1. first off...holy-moly - i didn't realize that you were such a hottie! i have no trouble believeing that you will meet your next running goal...just promise not to overdo it and if you need a break - take it! your harvest is looking great and i am praying that the woman you are giving the zucchini to is going to make......

    zucchini fritters!!! i love zucchini fritters - bahahahahah! hey - do you like hummus? i have an amazing recipe for zucchini hummus - it's delish! yell if you want the recipe!

    i have never heard of friendship bread batter...i will have to look it up. it sure looks wonderful! yes - take some camping. and enjoy your trip!

    your friend,

    1. Totally, send or post up whatever yummy recipe you want. I love hummus, not sure bout zucchini but I'll give it a shot.

      As for the hottie comment, I'm sure you were looking at the lego man, not me with my goody expression. But thanks.

    2. goody = goofy. I have vacationitis!

    3. recipe posted below. as for the hottie comment - NOT the lego man at all!!!! yer welcome, buddy!

  2. I didn't know Target had Lego man there. I'm going to bring some of the grandkids to get their picture with him, too.

    I grew up with overgrown zucchini stuffed with ground beef, rice, and tomato sauce. Seasoned well it's a pretty good dish.

    Kymber, pass along that hummus succhini recipe!

    1. The local target has an entire isle dedicated to lego's with a lego person each side of the entrance. I thought it would make a great conversation piece... 8x11 at my desk gets everyone at work looking worried about me.
      I hope the grand kids enjoy the trip, perhaps some awesome new lego's too (I have my own castle lego set in the basement for SHTF fun).

      I grew up with stuffed peppers but the exact same ingredients but never had a zucchini that way. Maybe after my little trip I will have some big enough to cook up that way.

    2. what if it is today? - i posted the recipe on your latest post on your blog - hope you enjoy it!

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  4. Zucchini Hummus Recipe:

    2 cups peeled zucchini
    4 Tblspoons to 1/4 cup of cold-pressed olive oil (depends on how oily you like it - i like a lot of oil)
    1/4 cup of fresh-squeezed lemon juice
    1/2 cup of raw tahini
    3 cloves of garlic
    1 tsp paprika
    1 tsp curry powder
    1 tsp cayenne powder
    salt and pepper to taste

    Blend all of the ingredients in a blender until desired consistency is achieved. For a thicker hummus, use less oil...for a creamier hummus, use more oil. it's all a matter of personal taste.

    (you can also make it fancy by adding roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes, roasted peppers, etc. Enjoy!)