Monday, September 17, 2012

Trip pictures, finally. A lot of them.

The last week was super. Super busy and just overall super. I finally listened to my body and didn't run yesterday. The run on Saturday almost killed me, literally, as the trail was so washed out I almost went over the cliff 4 times.
I consider myself an expert on this trail, and a damn good downhill trail runner, but the couple rainstorms of the last month destroyed everything I knew about the terrain. I actually stopped once and had a little chat with the mountainside.

Never commit to any one step.
Funny the little things you remember can save your life.... and give you a day off to get pictures sorted out! I took about 350 pictures, here are the ones I think are the best, or at least proof I took a dip in the water at 13,000 feet on a cold day.

Got permission to hike to a mine site close to an active mine

About 9500 feet, lowest elevation all weekend

There it is! Only a little snow left but still looking cold.

Cold, super cold.

Letting the sun thaw me out a little.

Minerals oozing out of a mineshaft


  1. Wow ! Beautiful country !

    1. It's one of our favorite areas. The fall colors won't be in full for another 2 weeks but we chose warmer weather over waking up to frost on everything.
      Ouray, Silverton, Telluride.

  2. oh Max - those pics are beautiful!!! i have never seen country like that with my eyes - just pics in magazines or in movies. i find it amazing that such places exist! it is breath-takingly beautiful!!!

    what was the temp of the water - it looks absolutely freezing!!!!

    oh and you know that yer a hottie - so there!

    your friend,

    1. bah...
      No idea on the water temp. Freezing was all my body said, it rejected me getting in deep a few times till stupidity overcame sense. It was the coldest water I have ever been in, and that's saying a lot.

      I'll get some more pics up in the next day or so, or the weekend.

  3. Hi Max- I just read your caption on Kymber's blogroll. I love to see pictures - so I came over and did just that.

    These pictures are super awesome ! Would I ever love to see that country ! And as my sis said - breath- takingly beautiful ! Lucky guy !

    By the way - these shots are National Geographic worthy.

    Take Care ... Helga

    1. Thanks for stopping in, I'm not as picture crazy as K & J but I try to put some up. It makes reading my ramblings easier when I look back.