Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Whatever your problems are today

I hope they seem small.

I remember the phone call when I was in Vegas, telling me to turn the news on, 'we are under attack'. So much in this country has changed since then, and most of it isn't for the good of the American people but it's disguised as such and of course all anyone has to do is say the word terrorism and they can get/do whatever they want.

It's sickening to the point I almost don't even care anymore. The small minority can never get things done when the majority is 100% happy with how things are. People can bitch and complain about prices, jobs, banks, etc. but they are not willing to take a real stand even with such a little thing as voting for the person best suited for whatever position in an election.

But I care and that's the problem. Today it shall seem small, along with the amazing amount of problems I ran into at work this morning. Being gone for a few days equals 2800 emails (those that aren't auto filtered).

Pictures tomorrow from the trip!


  1. Those that don't care will someday, when it's too late, and then they'll want those of us ahead of the curve to help them out.