Sunday, September 23, 2012

Even the mice eat great

Traps were empty all summer and suddenly: snap, snap, snap, snap. I only had 4 so I didn't stop the army of mice, and they got to a small bag of flour I had failed to place into a bucket for temp storage.... oh and a large bag of chocolate chips.

All is fair right?

That's good eating for the quick second before they execution takes place. If I was on death row I would totally get a tub of peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Oh, a Ruger super sale as well! I might go get a 10/22 finally, they have a great price on a breakdown model that has it's own backpack type bag. Not to shoot the mice with, but if they come back with rat backup then it's on.

1 last bean harvest this morning. I'm going to keep the plants up a few more weeks, there were some flowers and I won't complain about more beans for the freezer. The tomato plants are still producing, I have 50 more waiting to ripen (at least).

We hit up the pet food store as well, 150 pounds of dog food and some snacks. I noticed a new look to the bag and then saw they took out 2 pounds for the same price it used to be. Annoyed I tossed it in the cart and went down the isle scanning.... BING! There was the old style bag, 35 pounds, for the same price with a label that said "new look coming soon". I don't want smaller bags, they don't stack the way I like and 2 pounds out of each bag = 32 pounds out of the storage. Yup, same number of bags would equal an entire bag less of food.

Why won't they just raise the prices... oh that's right, it's better to give less for the same money than hope people realize inflation happens.

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