Monday, October 1, 2012

Charging bear?

Mother in law called asking if we wanted to come down and see the bear and cub in her backyard. No thanks, we were knocking all kinds of projects out at home and didn't want/need a break. We told her to stay inside, let them eat the large container of sunflower seeds they got into (things you don't store outside the garage).
The sitting area at the end of the dining room has one glass door next to an equal size glass window. MIL decided to sneak into this area and sit on the small couch located there, and bear watch. The mother bear charged the glass a little annoyed, close enough to spit on it.

This is one more reason why they need a gun. Not a shotgun they can rack a round in to 'scare people off', but a gun they can defend themselves with. If the bear had busted the glass, it would have been bad, and not for the bear. Stop feeding the damn birds and squirrels, including the seed and food scraps. I don't understand how people do this, I don't want a bunch of birds hanging around pooping on everything and I for sure don't want more squirrels and racoons and/or bears in the yard.

and they want a garden next year....
wherever they decide to move to around the neighborhood. STAY PUT DAMNIT!

Grocery shopping on Saturday was boring, it's not very exciting with my new diet... lots of protein and salad. I did find 6 pounds of 93% lean ground beef for $6 since it 'expired' the same day. It looked fine so I boiled it up and will vac seal it tonight for the freezer, cooked ground beef thaws in a short time. I would have picked up 30 pounds of it if they had that much on sale.

I'm getting a list together for a food storage order. I don't have many holes in my storage, this order will be a few replacements for what I've opened, and some new things.

I did run out of baking powder this weekend. Yes, I opened a #10 can of baking powder to save a trip to the store. It's good for 2+ years opened, but I don't think I'll go through that much. I laughed at having to crank open  #10 for 2 teaspoons.

But at least it was there, silly or not.

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